Submitted on: Sep Sun 06

Thank you to CICK and all the staff and volunteers who have been there and helped me over the years. It has been a big learning curve but a very valuable one, in my mind. I have so enjoyed being able to play music for the public. It has taught me alot, too. I have also benefitted from discussing my favourite subject-working with our energetic nature-and sharing the information that I have discovered, with others. Eight and a half years ago, when I started the radio show, our energetic nature wasn't quite as well known as it is today.

Submitted on: Jun Sat 01

Friday, June 14th is CICK's tenth anniversary. And we are celebrating with our annual 'Royale' dance party. This year it will be in The Twin Valley Pub, lots of space, lots of music, more games etc and room for dancing! So come and help us celebrate it. This little radio station started from an idea Glen had, and look how it grew! We may be considered the weird ones, but we are pretty modern, too. The people who work here are up-to-date. Not too many people with shows that are lingering in the past. It is an artistic and creative space and I think we all appreciate being a part of it.

Submitted on: Apr Wed 17

I have been talking about visualizing what you want before you can receive it. That is one of the rules of working with energy & the third eye. One of the books I was reading recently, mentioned Dr. Gerald Epstein, a psychiatrist and pioneer in waking dream therapy. Yesterday, on Mt. Eagle Book's 50 cent table, I found Healing Visualizations, Creating Health Through Imagery by Gerald Epstein, M.D.


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