Submitted on: Sep Sun 06

Thank you to CICK and all the staff and volunteers who have been there and helped me over the years. It has been a big learning curve but a very valuable one, in my mind. I have so enjoyed being able to play music for the public. It has taught me alot, too. I have also benefitted from discussing my favourite subject-working with our energetic nature-and sharing the information that I have discovered, with others. Eight and a half years ago, when I started the radio show, our energetic nature wasn't quite as well known as it is today. Since it is our basic nature, there is no denying it, even though we tend to not know much about it. We simply weren't taught anything about it. But as far as making change for ourselves, working with our energy system seems by far the simplist way of feeling better. And it is also goes very deep and is lasting. It isn't part of our public medical system much yet, but it certainly is of the alternative medical system. Each of us can work with our own energy to make our lives and health better.

But mostly what I want to say is Thank You to Everyone who helped me when I needed help and who listened to the shows I created. It was a wonderful learning experience and it helped me considerably in my life in many ways. The cameraderie and the creativity of the CICK gang has been stellar. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.



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