Submitted on: Jan Sat 27

I am still playing Terri-Lynn Williams Davidson's music from Haida Gwaii and Tanya Tagac's music from Nunavut. I can't get enough of it, it is so interesting and different. It takes me deeply into nature. I feel like I am out on the land in the middle of a big, natural experience. I have been in the middle of a couple of giant blowdowns, big winds that broke huge trees cleanly off and had them flying through the air standing straight up. This was happening in five directions around us. Their music reminds me of those experiences.

Submitted on: Jan Sun 14

Today along with Abraham quotes re our vibrational natures, I played Indigenous music from the Arctic and from Haida Gwaii. I loved it. I am a nature child thru and thru and both kinds of music completely reflected the land and water to me. The titles were simple and helped, but I found the music very, very interesting and I could feel it in my body. The hour sped by faster than usual and I felt that was one of my best shows yet.

Submitted on: Jan Wed 03

Happy New Year everybody! That has always been my favourite Christmas season greeting, because it is good for the whole year. This year looks like it will take us further along than last year which had a very 'nose to the grindstone' feel about it. Unrelenting attention to work and financial issues demanded. I think this year will be lighter and the following year will be lighter still with more ease of manifestation. Solutions and opportunities seem to be in the spotlight for later on.


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