Submitted on: Apr Sat 01

It is interesting to experience how so much of what we were taught at home, in school and in society is no longer true. We know from looking at the past that much of past knowledge is no longer accurate. Most of the conventions and rules we were trained in, no longer apply. They simply are not accurate or true any more. So it is kind of strange looking out at the world and knowing that much of what we were taught is no longer valid. That some other information or truth is actually in place. One wonders how long this goes on? Obviously it isn't going to stop here.

Submitted on: Mar Sat 25

I am still listening to the audio book, the Brain's Way of Healing by Dr. Norman Doidge. I have one cd to go. It is so inspiring for people who have children that start to show problems early in their life. For example, they don't walk easily, or maybe they don't talk at all or maybe they are start off okay but by the time they are three, they turn from feeling and developing normally to being angry and belligerent and unrelating to their parents or people around them. They may not talk. They may be aggressive to others or themselves. 

Submitted on: Mar Sat 18

Brain plasticity is a hot topic now and isn't it nice that it is? Brain injuries used to mean heartache and hell and now we have learned there are ways to rewire the brain to create new neural pathways to a healthier result from a brain injured area. There are many different methods that are developing and having good success. This is a big change from the past. An audio book and a written book by Dr.


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