Random music from our extensive database played by our friendly computer, SAM.  SAM would rather you take this slot.  This is your opportunity.  Propose a show and we will get you on air.

Program Genre: 
CRTC Category: 
Cat 2
  • Monday 2:30-3pm
  • Monday 5-9pm
  • Monday 10pm-Tuesday 12am
  • Tuesday 7-8am
  • Tuesday 8:30-9am
  • Tuesday 9:30-10:30am
  • Tuesday 2:30-4pm
  • Tuesday 4:30-5pm
  • Wednesday 7-8am
  • Wednesday 10-11am
  • Wednesday 12-1pm
  • Wednesday 2:30-3:30pm
  • Wednesday 4-7pm
  • Wednesday 7-8pm
  • Wednesday 11pm-Thursday 12am
  • Thursday 7-8am
  • Thursday 8:30-9am
  • Thursday 2:30-4pm
  • Thursday 6-7pm
  • Thursday 10pm-Friday 12am
  • Friday 7-8am
  • Friday 9-9:30am
  • Friday 9:30-10:30am
  • Friday 12-1pm
  • Friday 3-3:30pm
  • Friday 4-5pm
  • Friday 5-6pm
  • Friday 7-8pm
  • Saturday 6-9am
  • Saturday 11am-12pm
  • Saturday 12:30-1pm
  • Saturday 3-4pm
  • Saturday 10pm-Sunday 12am
  • Sunday 6-8am
  • Sunday 8-9am
  • Sunday 10:30-11am
  • Sunday 1-2pm
  • Sunday 8:30-9pm
  • Sunday 11pm-Monday 12am
  • Remembrance Day Special Show to Honor the Troops here and Abroad.May we

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The Smithers Community Radio Society is an incorporated non-profit that manages a locally supported, volunteer operated community radio station. 

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