Programmer: zak
Musicians, Luke and Zak talk about music
Programmer: Funnnr
Folk, Independent, Rock
Live and pre-recorded music from Hazelton area
Programmer: Pamela Haasen
Electronic, Funk/Soul, Hip Hop, Independent, Rock
music while you’re driving or just hanging out at home, making a mess in the kitchen!
Programmer: mavis
Hip Hop, Indigenous, Rock
Empowering music for the mind & soul.
Programmer: Brennan M
Artist Interviews, Electronic, Hip Hop, Indigenous, Rock
Explore the sounds that help creators shape their art
Programmer: glen-ingram, outside-in
Electronic, Funk/Soul, Hip Hop, Independent, Rock
The best new music at CICK.
Programmer: brennan-anderson
Electronic, Independent, Rock
Ambient, drone, Noise//Punk, Garage, Indy
Programmer: drew
Folk, Funk/Soul, Independent, Rock
meow to the woof
Programmer: brennan-anderson
Independent, Rock
Punk, Garage, Indy
Programmer: danmesec
Classic Music, Rock
Programmer: glen-ingram, slow-muse, drew
Electronic, Folk, Funk/Soul, Hip Hop, Independent, Jazz, Rock, Spoken Word
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The Smithers Community Radio Society is an incorporated non-profit that manages a locally supported, volunteer operated community radio station. 

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