Submitted on: Jan Sun 01

Happy 2017 everyone! It is supposed to be a little easier year than the last. Thankfully. I think we are moving through personal blocks and heading more in the direction we really want and we are going to start manifesting more.  

Submitted on: Dec Sun 11

Music by Ella Fitzgerald and Stephane Grappelli. If you want any hints, idea or solutions to energy problems, whether emotionally or intellectually, this show should let you know.

Submitted on: Nov Sat 26

We finished listening to the series Money and the Law of Attraction. It was all about attracting what we want in our life, by using the energy of our thoughts and feelings and the Law of Attraction. When we align with the universe and our inner being (they being one and the same, ie Source Energy) things work out for us. We feel on course. We feel we are doing the right thing and it isn't a struggle. We aren't alone. We are never alone. It is only our own thinking that creates the separation.


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