Submitted on: May Sat 13

We are listening to Dr. Norman Doidge's book, 'The Brain's Way of Healing'. In it John Pepper proves how vigorous exercise reduced his Parkinson's Disease symptoms to such a degree that some doctors accused him of not having the illness. However, when he injured himself and couldn't exercise, all his symptoms came flooding back. Lots of research has been done with mice in which they create Parkinson's symptoms. When the mice are given an enriched environment and a running wheel, their symptoms subsided.

Submitted on: May Tue 09

We are listening to Dr. Norman Doidge's book, 'The Brain's Way of Healing'. We are still listening to how a man named John Pepper considerably reduced his Parkinson's symptoms by rapid distance walking and stretching and conscious intent. He showed that by purposefully creating new neural pathways in the brain, he could make his body work much better than just leaving it up to the medication to reduce the harmful side effects of the disease. Healing takes alot of work. One has to really work at it to create a whole new direction, creating health where sickness was.

Submitted on: Apr Sat 08

I am planning to play the audio book by Dr. Norman Doidge, if it works out okay. It is so full of interesting information and helpful knowledge about so many of the modern conditions that cannot be handled by regular medical care. But with alternative techniques, most of which are energy techniques, the healing results are astounding. Lots of interesting information about sound healing. It is very powerful and in this book he talks about having good success with autism, using sound healing.


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