Submitted on: Mar Wed 21

We can't deny that spring feels like it is here. The piles of snow are evaporating and the dump trucks are hauling alot of it away, so it is really reducing in size quickly. Is there anything nicer than those bright blue skies and sunshine? The equinox is another time of powerful energy. It is a time of renewal and change into the next phase of our life. Aren't we all ready for some improved experience? It seems like so many of us have been working hard to stay afloat, but now it seems, maybe, things are opening up to a better situation.

Submitted on: Mar Wed 14

It looks like spring is on its way. Maybe not too quickly, as there is alot of snow that must disappear, but these warm temps and sunshine is going to melt alot of that quickly. We got the first hint of it about three weeks ago when there was such a delicious day of sun and slightly warmish breezes. It all said, 'spring is coming'. And now we are seeing large areas of water and melting snow, dirty and muddy as it appears, that is spring weather.

Submitted on: Feb Sat 24

Snowing again. We just got our roof shovelled off today which dropped a pile of snow six feet deep on the back deck.

The Shaman's Fire is a fire that transforms energy. It can transform energy from something not very good, into something much better. It can burn up old energy, old bad feelings, old negativities, old ideas that don't serve us anymore.

But what I would like, is for it to melt some of this snow on the deck so I can get out the back door.


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