Submitted on: Jul Mon 02

"You will discover you are a potent creator and that your thoughts lead to things. You'll learn to use your mind deliberately as a creative tool, to think nurturing thoughts. You'll understand how you can nudge material reality effortlessly toward your desires. You'll grasp just how powerful you really are and how capable you are of creating change by simply changing your mind. You'll also discover how the process works on a grand scale, from the molecule to the cell to the body to the family to the community to the country to the species to the planet to the universe.

Submitted on: Jun Sat 02

Nothing but the Jerry Cans for music today and quotes from Abraham re energy & our own energy management. I just returned from a trip to England for ten days. My first time. Very beautiful. Such lush growth beside the narrow roads, that it must take constant attention to trimming the trees and bushes so there is room for the cars. Roads are very narrow and the cars are small. Never even saw a pickup like the ones that fill our Safeway parking lot.

Submitted on: May Mon 07

We have been getting some great indigenous music lately. Love, love, love Tanya Tagac. Wow, you can hear the icy Arctic wind blowing and the wolves howling and feel the energy of the ancient ways, now threatened by modern life. Love how she integrates the old with the new. The same can be said for the Jerry Cans from Iqualuit, love them too. So much alive and fresh energy which also integrates the old with the new.


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