Submitted on: Mar Mon 25

I would like to quote a paragraph from Caroline Myss, thought leader and energy healing teacher. "Energy healing is every bit as much a science as allopathic medicine is, though it is also a mystical science. That is, its principles are rooted in the mystical laws that govern energy and the nature of the psyche and spirit. Knowledge of the mystical teachings and the governing laws as well as the inner workings of the psyche and archetypes are now essential for practitioners of the healing arts.

Submitted on: Mar Mon 11

So how to stay feeling good? How do we create? We create through our thought. So if we want to feel good, we have to choose good-feeling thoughts. You notice I said 'choose'. Most of us aren't used to 'choosing' our thoughts. We let them drift into our mind, then we start reacting to them. I think we feel that they were meant to be there because they showed up on their own. But they are a vibrational level and thoughts float around at that vibration. So we don't have to own the thought. We can choose our thinking, and choose what works best for us.

Submitted on: Feb Sat 09

We are racing thru February. I think we may have to find a way to reset our systems to deal with the speed at which things are happening now. For me that means rebalancing my chakras (energy centers), daily. It also means tapping on meridian points to calm and soothe feelings of stress and pressure & sudden negativities. Taking walks or exercise & pool activity also frees us up. Herbal teas that calm help. Lavender oil is a wonderfully soothing essential oil. In other words, do specific activities to reduce stress on a daily basis, so we stay up to speed with the changing times.


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