Submitted on: Apr Wed 17

I have been talking about visualizing what you want before you can receive it. That is one of the rules of working with energy & the third eye. One of the books I was reading recently, mentioned Dr. Gerald Epstein, a psychiatrist and pioneer in waking dream therapy. Yesterday, on Mt. Eagle Book's 50 cent table, I found Healing Visualizations, Creating Health Through Imagery by Gerald Epstein, M.D.

He started teaching his patients how to visualize their problems resolving metaphorically and had wonderful results. Patients recovered, one after the other, from every disease & condition imaginable. He told a funny story about Freud. He said the only patient Freud had that actually recovered, was a 14 year old boy he treated with imagery for a serious facial tic. The boy worked with the imagery and recovered quickly. Epstein says, of Freud's other psychiatric patients, whose files filled 25 volumes, none of them recovered to the point they needed no further therapy. But none of those patients were treated with imagery therapy. Interesting, don't you think?


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