Totally Spoke'd is a versatile show, combining a variety of perspectives and narratives, including bike stories drawn from cyclists invited by business cards left by the host, Christine Bruce;  commentary on topics like bike lanes and the relationship between motorists and cyclists; interviews with politicians, cycling advocates, planning experts, local businesses and public figures; advocacy for local events; and auditory travel logs with a microphone riding shotgun.

The show has dedicated Facebook (Totally Spoke’d on CICK) and Twitter (@rusticScribe) followers and correspondents, from cycling enthusiasts to local food advocates to musicians, from across the world. Although Christine frequently reaches out for interviews and has charming conversations with everyday cyclists, Totally Spoke'd has become established enough that cycling advocates in Copenhagen, Toronto, Vancouver, Istanbul and Brisbane have reached out to her.

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  • Tom Flood is a content creator and strategist in Hamilton, Ontario.

  • There are tonnes of great bike events but none can touch the Carfree Sunday events in Jakarta, Indonesia.

  • A clever little app called Sprocket is turning up all over social media, just in time to feed the world's sudden inte

  • Part two of that conversation I started last week with Albert Koehl.

  • Two exceptional bike advocates--Angela Bischoff (who will relate her late husband Tooker Gomberg's contribution) and

  • Leah Ferguson (and the MASRC) is giving away bikes to indigenous students in Winnipeg. Coolio!

  • Jenn Wicks rides a bike in Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada, a place dear to my heart.

  • Bust-my-buttons proud to present a story with William Bird, on cycling in New Ireland..Got your running shoes on?

  • Cycling in Papua New Guinea, with my friend Matt Thomas.

  • Two outstanding bike advocates share stories this week: Michael Cranwell and Scott McMillan.

  • Dr. Rachel Aldred is the Reader in Transport at the University of Westminster in England.

  • A remarkable story of community building and social justice at its finest.

  • COVID-19 is challenging us this spring.

  • Alan Wayne Scott, known to the bike community as Scunny, is no stranger to vulnerability.

  • More stories from Trevor Sowers on how he pushes the limits, both in his personal life and on a bike.

  • When I moved to BC three years ago, I described the experience as moving to the wild west, where the rules don’t alwa

  • I follow an American organization called Smart Growth America, whose goal is “improving lives by improving communitie

  • The second of a two-part series with Todd Tyrtle, and a conversation around his recent month-long cycle around India.

  • Join me and my friend Todd Tyrtle as he brings a recent trip around India to life.

  • Join us as Smithereen Kara Schaefer takes me and my friend Arkell Wiley on a fat bike ride around the Perimeter Trail

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