Artist Title Album Label
Evalyn Parry She Rides
Martin de la Rue On performance art on a bicycle, delivering telegrams
P'tit Belliveau Les Bateau Dans La Baie
Kilo Just Checking In
Eli Larsen PSA for the BV Farmers' Market
Noam Chomsky PSA for Community Radio
Eli Larsen PSA for the Babine Animal Hospital
Evalyn Parry seque into the second half
Tino Reis A photo documentarian, on capturing grassroots events in Toronto
Jacque Tati Mon Oncle, extro to the episode

Two of Toronto’s colourful characters are introduced in this episode: Martin de la Rue, a postman who delivers the most charming telegrams by bicycle and Tino Reis, a photo documentarian who captures many remarkable grassroots movements events in the city.

For more on Martin de la Rue, visit 

To view some of Tino's work, watch 

And finally, here's that Jacques Tati-inspired video:



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