As a Non-Profit radio station, we rely on your support to keep the lights at the station. 

In exchange for your membership donation, you will receive a membership card, our cool bumper sticker, a special gift, and you become eligible to win tickets to local arts/music events.

The costs of membership are as follows:

$20 1 yr membership
$50 family

$120 organization

$300 lifetime

$500 lifetime family

Interested?  You can:

- contact us with your contact info, send us a letter to Smithers Community Radio, PO Box 834 Smithers BC, VOJ 2N0

- visit Mountain Eagle Books to purchase your membership and pick up your Member Package

- use Paypal below ensuring you complete your contact info so we can get your member package to you.


Pay for your membership with Paypal and we will get your member package in the mail.  Please note - as we rely on volunteers for this service, please expect up to 2 week delay between payment and member package mail-out.

Membership options