Membership Launch was a success


Thank you to everyone who came out and made our Membership Launch Party a success! We had 17 brand new members sign up and lots of familiar faces renewed!

Membership Launch Party

CICK Smithers Community Radio is having a Membership drive this Saturday March 25th, 2017.

As a Non-Profit radio station, we rely on your support to keep the lights on at the station. Bring yourself and/or your instrument and join the social/jam session. Pop in or stay the whole time!

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Centre of Culture

Tune in Monday @7pm with guest Host Sonja Coates to catch “Centre of Culture” a radio documentary I made with the support of McGill University

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the Shaman's Fire

I am planning to play the audio book by Dr. Norman Doidge, if it works out okay. It is so full of interesting information and helpful knowledge about so many of the modern conditions that cannot be handled by regular medical care. But with alternative techniques, most of which are energy techniques, the healing results are astounding. Lots of interesting information about sound healing. It is very powerful and in this book he talks about having good success with autism, using sound healing.

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the Shaman's Fire

It is interesting to experience how so much of what we were taught at home, in school and in society is no longer true. We know from looking at the past that much of past knowledge is no longer accurate. Most of the conventions and rules we were trained in, no longer apply. They simply are not accurate or true any more. So it is kind of strange looking out at the world and knowing that much of what we were taught is no longer valid. That some other information or truth is actually in place. One wonders how long this goes on? Obviously it isn't going to stop here.