Lounge Car Session with Ben Rogers Trio

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We are on for Friday June 23rd between 11:30-12:30 (depending on what time we are ready after sound check)


Come by the Train Car for our Lounge Car Session with the Ben Rogers Trio: Highway of Tears House Show Tour @ 7:00pm Thursday June 22nd


Aboriginal Day

Don't miss out on all the fun activities celebrating the diverse cultures and outstanding achievments of First Nation, Inuit and Metis people in Smithers.  Events happening around town from 12pm-4pm on June 21st.

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the Shaman's Fire

Well once again, good ole' exercise turns out to be one of the best things for us. In a mega study over thirty years, Cardiff University in the UK found that exercise helped reduce dementia by 60 %. The university did a study of 2235 men aged 45-69. They were carefully examined every 5 years for cognitive decline, heart disease, cancer or early death. If they did 4 out of the 5 following activities, they reduced their risk of dementia by 60%.

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Helping Men end Violence in the North

Can perpetrators of violence change their behaviours? When Carol Seychuk, Executive Director of Northern Society for Domestic Peace (NSDP), was posed this question during an interview on CICK, she responded with a certainty that reflects decades of experience in the field of intimate partner violence. “Yes,” she said thoughtfully.  “I have seen men grow and take responsibility for their actions.

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the Shaman's Fire

We are listening to Dr. Norman Doidge's book, 'The Brain's Way of Healing'. In it John Pepper proves how vigorous exercise reduced his Parkinson's Disease symptoms to such a degree that some doctors accused him of not having the illness. However, when he injured himself and couldn't exercise, all his symptoms came flooding back. Lots of research has been done with mice in which they create Parkinson's symptoms. When the mice are given an enriched environment and a running wheel, their symptoms subsided.