Rock Show : Other Jesus, Shearing Pinx & Softess

Expand your mind with 3 of Vancouver's most provacative bands in one evening!

With a special live painting performance by Perry Rath!


Tickets ($15) available at Mt Eagle Books & Hetherington and Hooper


Who: Other Jesus, Shearing Pinx & Softess

When: Friday, November 25th 2016 @ 8:00pm

Where: The Legion * (3840 1 Ave, Smithers, BC)

            *members & guests invited

Culture Days - Capturing Community Sounds

Saturday October 1st, from 1:00-4:00

If you are interested in New/Digital Media, here is a hands-on activity to learn about creating audio soundscapes. Participants meet at CICK's traincar, and using digital recorders, will learn the basics of creating audio recordings in the natural/urban environment as well as audio editing. The recordings will be used on CICK 93.9fm as sound effects for future broadcasts. Come on out and play!

To sign up, please email

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Awesome Video by Marty Clemens

Check out this great video for Opening Weekend at Hudson Bay Mountain! Showcasing the hill, the town and our very own rock show at the Legion.

Watch the video HERE

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the Shaman's Fire

We finished listening to the series Money and the Law of Attraction. It was all about attracting what we want in our life, by using the energy of our thoughts and feelings and the Law of Attraction. When we align with the universe and our inner being (they being one and the same, ie Source Energy) things work out for us. We feel on course. We feel we are doing the right thing and it isn't a struggle. We aren't alone. We are never alone. It is only our own thinking that creates the separation.