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the Shaman's Fire

I just spent a week in Minneapolis taking two courses. They were very fine but staying indoors for 8 days, working from 8 am to 7:30 pm and riding back and forth across the country in more air conditioned vehicles (airplanes) was pretty stressful.

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white noise

this sunday be prepared for punk. good old fashioned politicaly concious, in your face counter-culture tunage. you can expect to hear from societies ills, the lucky ones, samurai attack, and more. in the immortal words of Jello Biafra: this pop metal is like a bad laxative, it just deosn't move me.

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The Shaman's Fire

Some Simple But Powerful Energy Techniques

Here is a little exercise that will help you immediately feel more balanced, will allow you to think more clearly, will improve your co-ordination and will harmonize your energies.