CICK DJ & Members Christmas Party

When: Sunday December 18th @ 4:00pm

Where: Lounge Car in the Train

Who: DJs and Members can bring one guest

What: Snack* (your famous meatballs or cheese dip) & Gift* (around $10 value or home made)

*No worries if you cant bring anything but your body, as we would rather have you here with nothing in hand, than to not have you at all.

Members: Welcome if you are in good standing, otherwise bring your $20 Membership Fee and we will get you all signed up for the new year!

Rock Show : Other Jesus, Shearing Pinx & Softess

Expand your mind with 3 of Vancouver's most provacative bands in one evening!

With a special live painting performance by Perry Rath!


Tickets ($15) available at Mt Eagle Books & Hetherington and Hooper


Who: Other Jesus, Shearing Pinx & Softess

When: Friday, November 25th 2016 @ 8:00pm

Where: The Legion * (3840 1 Ave, Smithers, BC)

            *members & guests invited

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Happy New Year Everyone!

Happy 2017 everyone! It is supposed to be a little easier year than the last. Thankfully. I think we are moving through personal blocks and heading more in the direction we really want and we are going to start manifesting more.  

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the Shaman's Fire

Music by Ella Fitzgerald and Stephane Grappelli. If you want any hints, idea or solutions to energy problems, whether emotionally or intellectually, this show should let you know.