Homeless Marathon

CICK is taking part in the 2015 Homeless Marathon.  Its a 24-hour live national radio broadcast about homelessness, housing issues and poverty. The marathon is a unique radio event that makes space for the voices of people effected by homelessness on the airwaves and is heard on over 30 Campus/Community stations across the country.
Tune into CICK 93.9fm on Feb. 25th at 9pm for 1.5 hours of coverage that will include 30 minutes of voices and perspective from Smithers..  Then we hand it off to CJSR in Prince George for the last hour of our coverage.


CICK and BV Concert Association present the Harpoonist and Axe Murderer

Come hear the tour that features music from this band's break-out record.  It will really blow your socks off.  Get your tickets before they are gone and listen into CICK for a chance to win some free tics and a signed copy of the album.

Feb 15th
Della Herman Theatre,
Tics at Mtn Eagle $25 ($20 Seniors, $16 youth)

What the press is saying..

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the Shaman's Fire Everything is Energy

Everything is Energy


We have heard that often enough lately, haven’t we? And isn’t it a sign of the times? That wasn’t anything we used to hear, but it is good to understand this. It doesn’t come that easily because we were taught so much the opposite.


Einstein who brought us into understanding our world as energy, said “Everything is energy. That’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics.”


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the Shaman's Fire

Energy is moving fast these days. I think everyone has noticed that. One way to handle it is to relate to your own intuition. Don't second-guess it. Go with it. As you listen to it, it will get stronger and give you more guidance. Some of us see images, colours, ideas in our mind's eye. Pay attention to what you see. It is higher information coming to you. Don't discount it and go back to the ego-mind which likes to pretend it has all the answers. Notice how the ego looks to the past and is afraid of the future.

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the Shaman's Fire

Christmas will be come and gone by the time I do my next show so MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!

For the last two shows, I have been discussing Nathan Cullen's campaign to Take Back Our Coast. He is looking to get 100,000 signatures. You can sign up on the website by the same name and have your name sent to the present government which is trying to push through a pipeline from Alberta to Kitimat and supertankers from Kitimat to China. Raw bitument would be in the pipeline and on the supertankers.