CICK onsite with Extreme Everest Challenge

CICK will be providing live entertainment for the full 24hrs of Extreme Everest Challenge. Thanks to help from Cybernet, we will broadcasting some of our shannigans from the basecamp (bottom of the chairlift).  Tune into 93.9fm on Saturday and Sunday from 1pm to 1pm at the top of the hour for all the crazyness.

More New Shows!

Powder Snob - Wed. 4pm-4:30pm

A closer look at what is happening on the ski hills and in the backcountry for all you snow enthusiasts.


Unfinished Basement - Tues. 9-10pm

A slightly off kilter host playing slightly off kilter music. 


Frontier Index - Wed. 6-8pm

A returning DJ and a current DJ team up to play new music of multiple genres with a focus on indie rock and garage.

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On Top of all the great new music spring brings, new podcasts of the past 5 weeks of the SlowMuse have been added. Check them out on my site page! Also, tune in next week for a new Muheim Radio special addition, with the Div 3 class in the immersion stream. They've chosen some pretty great music! 

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the Shaman's Fire

Spring is coming up fast. Isn't it great? Seems like it is about a month ahead of spring in the old days, but eveyone I have talked to who grew up here in the north, are fine with the good weather. We all love it. We had long cold springs and lots of snow in the old days. I can remember walking across Lake Kathlyn to catch the school bus in a blizzard on a narrow trail in the snow that was up to our waists on the 26th of April. This year, my sugar snap peas and sweet peas will be a few inches high by then.

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Strange Anomalies Under the Night Sky

Has anyone seen some strange happenings in the sky in the past year or even couple of months? Last Thursday at ten pm my friend and I were walking down Main Street (deserted, as usual at this time) and saw a very big, bright light above Hudson Bay Mt. We watched it for quite awhile wondering what the heck it was as we walked toward it. It wasn't an airplane, it wasn't moving, it made no sound and it was very big and bright. And then it suddenly disappeared. So a very strange experience.