More New Shows!

Powder Snob - Wed. 4pm-4:30pm

A closer look at what is happening on the ski hills and in the backcountry for all you snow enthusiasts.


Unfinished Basement - Tues. 9-10pm

A slightly off kilter host playing slightly off kilter music. 


Frontier Index - Wed. 6-8pm

A returning DJ and a current DJ team up to play new music of multiple genres with a focus on indie rock and garage.

New Shows!

Two new shows for you to tune into..


1. Canadaland - a syndicated show that covers politics, media and more from an alternative perspective.
Tuesdays at noon

2. Local Yocal Show - Our local artists played at random by our trusty computer, SAM
Wednesdays at 10am

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SLOB Feburary 7, 2016

new month new sounds(even if they are older)

This sunday feb 7th from 2-4pm from the mighty train car broadcasting on 93.9fm or live stream at

Tune in for 2hrs of gobe sounds to nice up your afternoon tea or a soundtrack to your sunday chores.

ill do my best to keep it moving in a SubLow fashion.




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the Shaman's Fire

Hi Everyone,

I left the Essential Oils because we really have to experience them to do them justice, and today went back to energy vibration and how to work with our own to make it work for us. Of course, the essential oils can raise our vibration and provide healing, calm, relief from tension etc but one has to experience them not just talk about them. Not to mention the wonderful fragrances from them that are also so enjoyable.

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the Shaman's Fire


Hi Everyone,

For the last few weeks, I have been talking about Essential Oils as a healing practice. They sure are fun to use. You have to be careful with them, as they are very strong, but they have powerful healing capabiliies. At this time of year when people have colds and flues, they can ward off the illnesses in different ways. You can put drops into your bath, or have a steam bath just for the sinuses under a towel when you put Eucalyptus, Lemon, Peppermint and Rosemary in a bowl of hot water. Even one those oils would help you.