Museum Radio Workshop Friday August 7th -14th

Come Delve into the Collections with BV Museum and learn how to make great radio. This free, hands-on workshop is offered in cooperation with the BV Museum, Smithers Public Library, Interior News and CICK. 


On Friday August 7th we will record the history of Smithers through curated selections from the BV Museum. The following week on August 14th we will learn how to use Audacity. Our creations will be aired on CICK radio in a special broadcast TBA.


Come and get hooked on making radio!

Video of Jason Friesen performing Bobs and Lobo track on BVFMS show

BVFMS Show features songs by kids performers Bobs and Lobo.  Local guitarist, Jason, plays one of the Bobs and Lobo tracks for kids to sing in the CICK studio.  Unfortunately, due to technical difficulties, the video only features one song.  Come back to this site again soon as we will once again feature more in studio music video.

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Local Music Showcase Tonight at Bovill Square from 6:00-8:00pm

Local Acts All: OoOo-- and Ranger Smash play tonight at Bovill stage. All: OoOo-- will be giving out a local, garden-fresh piece of produce to the audience member that is least satisfied with their performance. Ranger Smash will live up to their name, as they always do!

All: OoOo-- 6:00-7:00pm

Ranger Smash 7:00-8:00pm

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Back on the air

CICK waves are back flying through your head and into your radio! Sorry for the interruption and thanks for listening to CICK, The Voice of the Valley.