Culture Days - Capturing Community Sounds

Saturday October 1st, from 1:00-4:00

If you are interested in New/Digital Media, here is a hands-on activity to learn about creating audio soundscapes. Participants meet at CICK's traincar, and using digital recorders, will learn the basics of creating audio recordings in the natural/urban environment as well as audio editing. The recordings will be used on CICK 93.9fm as sound effects for future broadcasts. Come on out and play!

To sign up, please email

DeckFested 2016

What a night! Thanks to all who came out to enjoy the great music in and out of the train. Post all your photos on our facebook page. If you want to rock out again check out the braodcast recordings of  Necropussy, THEE NIGHT BAMM and Cabin Fever on our soundcloud.

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The Caretaker

A beautiful new work out by The Caretaker can be heard this Monday, Sept, 26 on the SlowMuse @ 6pm. This is the first of a 6 release conceptual piece examining early onset dementia. In this work, old records are digitized and manipulated and looped and distorted to create an ethereal, mysterious and otherworldly feel. Tune in Tune? Tune in Tune, too Tune in to tune in, Too. 

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Inside an Artist's Studio - Mark Tworow

By training I am an Art Curator, and in spite of the current widespread use of the term "curated" to describe everything from lists of pop songs, to pinterest pages of shoe styles, the term curator is rather misunderstood.  What DOES and Art Curator really do?


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CICK Presents: DeckFest 2016.  August 19th 4:30 – Late @ the CICK Train Car in Central Park.

Come celebrate the Deck stage at the CICK Train on Friday, August 19 from 4:30pm till late. Get dinner at Happy Pig Food Truck and have a beer in the new lounge.

Featuring local bands and DJs

Cabin Fever • X Pass • THEE NIGHT BAMM • Welkin • All:oo0o • Synth Monkey • Gobe