CICK Royale - Diamonds are forever - March 28


What? CICK Royale - Diamonds Are Forever
When? 8pm - 2am Saturday, March 28
Where? The Legion, 1st Ave
Why? Support community radio by dancing, playing games, and having a grand time
How? Get your tickets early!

Thanks to Cybernet


Cybernet will be setting up equipment on the ski-hill this weekend to allow CICK to live broadcast on-site.  A big thank you goes to them for their donation to make this a reality.. Whoot..

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Art Beat Friday 27 March 2015: The Joy of Bob Ross

The Joy of Bob Ross

Known for his fast and easy "wet-on-wet" painting technique, and remembered for his calm voice speaking of "Happy trees" and fuzzy Afro, Bob Ross reached millions of art lovers in the 1980s and early 1990s on his popular PBS television program The Joy of Painting

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Art Beat Friday 20 March 2015: Alex Cuba - The Lost Interview


Sending huge gratitiude and kudos to the generous and gracious #AlexCuba for his interview with me on #ArtBeat March 20th.   For those of you who heard the show live, I hope you enjoyed it.