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Deck Fest

Deck Fest - Deck Fest! August 17th, 2pm-6pm at the CICK deck (Central Park Train Car). Look forward to a plethora of Smithers' best alternative music artists including DJ Gobe, DJ K-Dub, Ninjah, Richard Gear, Ranger Smash, Theresa Mohr and new bands that don't even have a name yet! FREE by donation!

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the Shaman's Fire

From an energetic point of view, this summer seems to be the culmination of all of our desires for a long, hot summer. Isn't that what everyone wanted, purely and simply? And we got it. From my experience of living here in the north for almost my whole life, this has to be the hottest summer with the longest stretches of good weather that I believe I have experienced.

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the Shaman's Fire

I read a quote today from Einstein that went "If a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind, of what then, is an empty desk a sign?"

It was a relevant quote for me because I have been uncluttering my life and environment lately. So it made me feel better as I have a continuous engagement with paper that seems (and may be) unending.

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what to expect this sunday on white noise

Rise Against, If you listen to punk and you don't know who they are you have a problem. Personally they are my heros, their music is political punk at it's best, and the just released a brand new album.  Its called "The Black Market", i'm listening to it right now and i love it.  if you want to hear it and some of their classics tune in this sunday at 9 PM.