New Shows!

Two new shows for you to tune into..


1. Canadaland - a syndicated show that covers politics, media and more from an alternative perspective.
Tuesdays at noon

2. Local Yocal Show - Our local artists played at random by our trusty computer, SAM
Wednesdays at 10am

4th Annual Monster Clash

Join CICK's Clash Crew for our 4th annual Monster Clash Halloween Fundraiser.

Sat Oct. 31st, 8pm

Old Church

Costume Prizes, delicious drinks, snacks, dancing and more.

$20 or $15 for CICK Members (bring your current Mbr Card)

Tickets at Mtn. Eagle Books

19+(no minors)



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Smithers' Pride, Alex Cuba Brings Home 3rd Latin Grammy Award

"As I've been discovering myself as a songwriter and a musician, I've found that music is a powerful healer...Like many musicians, I've encountered endless times that my music has given me something, and given my listeners something. It's comforting to the soul." 

                                                                                                                                Alex Cuba

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The Frontier Index

A brand new show on CICK from 6-8pm on Wednesdays, featuring Gavin Harrison and Brennan Anderson sifting through the best new music they can get their ears on. Expect to hear independent labels and self-released material from a plethora of genres and music scenes across North America. Heavy and light, poppy and experimental; if it inspires thought and sounds unique, it'll be featured on 'The Frontier Index.'

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Remembering Canadian Artists' in the First World War

“Dominated by the new engines of war, by giant guns and tanks, aeroplanes and submarines, poison gas and liquid fire, it required a new artistic method and a new style.”

                                                                   Paul Konody, Advisor to the Canadian war art program