The CICK Lounge Car Sessions are a series of live performances and interviews held within our 100 year old Lounge Car. These unique and intimate 30 minute performances are free and open to the public. 

  • Monday 2-2:30pm
  • CR Avery joins us in the traincar for a lounge car session November 10th 2017.

  • Lounge Car Session with Skagger up from Vancouver

    September 7 2017

  • Parlour Panther Live Lounge Car Session


    Paper log filled in:Aug 14th 2017

  • Kitty and the Rooster live in studio!

    (Paper log filled in: Aug 9, 2017 @ 12:30pm)

  • Athabasca Barn Burner played a great set in the CICK Lounge car.

  • Live Lounge Car Session with Mud N' Murdoch

  • Live Lounge Car Session with Chris Ronald


    Origionally aired July 6th 2017 (Paper log filled in.)

  • Lounge Car Session with Miss White Spider

  • Lounge Car Session with Danny Sklapsky


  • Rae Spoon and Plastik team up for a Lounge Car Session

  • Todays Lounge Car Session with The Ben Rogers Trio on their Highway Of Tears House Tour



  • Zonnis plays the traincar with their folk roots duo music.


  • Lounge Car Session with Jesse Matas and Rachel Sermanni April 18 2017.


  • Lounge Car Session with The Alkemist



    Origionally aired April 14th, 2017 @ 3:00pm

  • Local band: Thee Night Bamm Lounge Car Session

  • Luke Wallace & The Racket Lounge Car Session - Original airing october 12th starting at 11:02 wrapping up at 11:3

  • Carmanah performs in the Lounge Car as part of the Lounge Car Sessions on Oct 6 2016 - original airing at 7:12 pm

  • Chicken Creek performs in lounge car on Sep 24th

  • Ontario and Vancouver folk/singer songwriters, Stephanie Ratcliff and Bre McDaniel, play in the Lounge Car on Sep.

  • Mike Edel joins host Colleen Sharp on the Lounge Car Sessions on June 17 2016


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