We Appreciate Your Work!

We love independent music (and music in general) and listen to everything we receive.  With that said, due to limited volunteer hours and space within the library, we don't keep every album.  A team of volunteers are responsible for listening to the music we receive and make the decision whether it is logged into the system, and/or highlighted for immediate play.  Keep in mind that everything is done by volunteer and may take up to 2 weeks upon receipt for an album to be reviewed.


What we accept:

We do not accept singles and will only receive EP's with a minumum of 4 tracks.  We require a full tracklisting.  We appreciate a short one-sheet describing genre (ya I know, no one likes genres, but they are necessary for the database), release date, and location of the band (city you call home).  We accept all genres but give preference to Can Con (MAPL), and genres we are most likely to play.  This currently includes indie-rock, hard rock/metal, experimental, electronica, dub, folk, roots.  This changes as volunteer programmers come and go, so send it our way even if it falls outside of these genres as we may play it at a later time.

Please mail your physical cd to:
Smithers Community Radio
attn. Music Director (the person changes frequently)
PO Box 834
Smithers BC

ps. as we discard all jewel cases and use plastic sleeves, save yourself some $$ and just send the cd and one-sheet.  A simple paper envelope with cardboard inside seems to ensure safe arrival of a cd and is recyclable.  Bubble packs are not.

pps. as impractical as mailing vinyl is, we love the stuff


Digital submissions:

We accept digital albums sent to music@smithersradio.com, but as the current system of receiving submissions is more time consuming and we set higher quality standards.  We would appreciate similar information being sent with the digital album as you would put on the one-sheet.


Tracking requests:

We respond to tracking requests, but we do not keep regular hours.  You can leave a message at 250-847-8769 with your request or send an email to music@smithersradio.com.  We can tell you if an album has been received, if it was added to our library and if it was highlighted for immediate play.  This does not ensure play.  We track the top 30 most played albums every week at http://www.earshot-online.com/charts/cick.cfm.  Keep in mind it can take 1-2 weeks for an album to reach us in the mail.


Thanks for your work.  Keep it up.


About CICK

The Smithers Community Radio Society is an incorporated non-profit that manages a locally supported, volunteer operated community radio station.  Our mission is to strengthen and enrich the Smithers community by delivering volunteer produced radio programming.

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