indie-pop, soul, jazz, electronic, country, rock, metal, and highly danceable tracks that will be fun to listen to while you’re driving or just hanging out at home, making a mess in the kitchen!

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  • I got a case of the Mandi's today on I Digress! Let's kick out the Pams, mother farters!

  • RIP Fred Willard.

  • Good music for gardening or for lying facedown on the carpet and weeping. Whatevs!

  • "A magical touch of alien melancholy" 

  • "A magical touch of alien melancholy" 


  • I Digress: Quarantine Hunger Force edition

  • Covid can't stop the rock! I Dig 4 the supliant soul.

  • RIP Kenny. I guess you knew when to fold 'em.

  • Today's show is "easy listening and some Psychic TV" 

  • March 16 I Digress! Live...for now. Good country set in this one. 

  • I Digress for the melt. Snow, not Mayonnaise, Egg, Lettuce Tomato, in case that's where your mind went.

  • Celebrate Black History Month on I Digress today! Lena Horne! Otis Redding! Janelle Monae!

  • I Digress FAM JAM> It's a family affair today on air!

  • February 10 - ask yourself 3 questions: What does it mean to be human? How do we want to live?

  • I Digress Feb 3 - this is what it sounds like when doves really like your playlist. Or something like that.

  • No snow, get skatin'! Beautiful tunes for the unafraid.

  • Not enough snow to ski so get skatin! Hot tunes for the cold.

  • I Digress for the cold weather but these traxxx are H-O-T!!!

  • I Digress for the cold weather (read: walking on thin ice).

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