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Energy Medicine

I love working with energy medicine. It is so wonderfully creative and positive. And it is our birthright, since we are energy beings. Using the power of thought to create how we want to feel, gives us control over our life. Have to let go of stubborn thinking and resistance, tho.

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Power vs Force muscle testing

I have been discussing muscle testing and David Hawkins book 'Power vs Force' on creating a numerical value for many levels of consciousness thru muscle testing. When I finished, after reading a description of Hawkins own rise in vibrational power, I, too, felt much lighter and happier. It was a strong experience. There are many ways to muscle test. They tend to be simple and accurate. I like using the whole body while standing. Present an idea to yourself and see how your body reacts.

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Happy New Year Everyone!

Happy 2017 everyone! It is supposed to be a little easier year than the last. Thankfully. I think we are moving through personal blocks and heading more in the direction we really want and we are going to start manifesting more.