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Working With Your Vibration

What does 'working with your vibration' mean? It means working with your own energy. It matters what you think. If you think negative thoughts, you bring that same negative level back to your life. There is no way around that. What you think and what you get are the same. So it behooves us to pay attention to what we do think. We can't fool the universe, as it is vibrational. You create a vibration with your thoughts and feelings. You can say good-sounding words, but if they aren't the same vibration that you are actually feeling, they are meaningless.

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the Shaman's Fire

The latest research in science says you can change your brain just by thinking. How great is that? When you say "I am" anything, you command your mind and body toward a destiny.

As Joe Dispenza says, "If you are not being defined by the vision of the future, some new possibility in your life, you're left with old circuitry in your brain and your old emotions from the past."

Don't we hear those old emotions from alot of people, who never resolved them?  are still complaining about something from long ago? 

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Mind To Matter

"You will discover you are a potent creator and that your thoughts lead to things. You'll learn to use your mind deliberately as a creative tool, to think nurturing thoughts. You'll understand how you can nudge material reality effortlessly toward your desires. You'll grasp just how powerful you really are and how capable you are of creating change by simply changing your mind. You'll also discover how the process works on a grand scale, from the molecule to the cell to the body to the family to the community to the country to the species to the planet to the universe.

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