Live and pre-recorded music from Hazelton area

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Cat 2
  • Wednesday 10-11pm
  • Sunday 11am-12pm
  • Funner and meesh listen to bands they saw live. Funnner calls a chameleon.

  • Funnner listens to tunes with Meesh, Memphis, and Sparrow. Then calls a donkey.

  • funnner jams then listens to Yanni

  • FUNNNER calls a frog, listens to the McCoy Tyner album 13th house and some random jazz

  • Funnner calls a slug and jammmzz.

  • FUNNNER calls a chicken and a rooster, and plays space music.

  • Funnner jams, calls a couple of doves, and listens to some records

  • Funnner listens to Chad Vaangalen with others, calls a firefly, and jamz

  • Funnner jamz, calls a snake, and listens to Chad Vangaalen

  • Funnner calls a crab in the rain, jams, and listens to audio performance art

  • Funnner jamz , then calls a caterpillar.

  • Funnner jamz

  • Funnner calls a deer, listens to the community radio charts, and jams a bit.

  • Funnner plays iano, listens to an artist panel talk, and calls a slug

  • Funnner jams, talks with a crow, and listens to an artist panel talk: art as transformation part 1 with Ryan Jason Wi

  • Funnner listens to tapes and chats with a cougar.

  • Funnner interviews Terrance Robbins, listens to Freak Heat Waves, and calls a Rhino and a Horse Rhino.

  • Funner interviews Owen Parnell, jams, and calls a cat

  • Funnner listens to old and new jazz, calls a Kangaroo, interviews Mark Tworow, and jamz. Shoy stops by.

  • Funnner plays the poetry of Simon Frankson, calls an Ostrich, recites poetry from BC contemporary poetry 1970, and pl

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