Artist Title Album Label
Medicine Singers sunrise Medicine Singers
Slang My #1 Cockroach in a ghost town
Pulse Park Strange Matter Phonac Music
Clodelle Touch me Gemini
Pink Mountaintops Shake the dust Peacock Pools
Language Arts Luckiness Lemon/Lime
Tess Parks Wow and those who were seen dancing
Blunt Chunks natural actors blunt chunks
Lori Cullen Go Climb Blood Wonder
Ken Yates Don't mean to wake you Cerulean
Nature Walk Lofi Chill Beats 420 Dinner Music
Yves Jarvis Bootstrap Jubilee The Zug
Art d'ecco Palm Slave After the head rush
Kiwi Jr. Unspeakable Things Chopper
Pulse Park Equidistance Phonac Music
Pink Mountaintops blazing eye Peacock Pools
Soulier, Elicaraster Skyline Interface: a collaborative compilation
Art d'ecco erasure after the headrush
Yves Jarvis Projection the zug
Kiwi Jr. Night vision chopper
c.ross wrong side of the sky skull creator
Language Arts Against the wind Lemon/Lime
skwrl, forage dubbish Interface: a collaborative compilation
Alex the astronaut haircut how to grow a sunflower underwater
c.ross Buzzin in the bush skull creator
kiwi jr. the extra sees this film chopper
spacemoth this shit no past no future
Language arts blood flow lemon/lime
Lokey, Maandala Winter's Funk Interface: a collaborative compilation
Hubert Lenoir Secret Pictura de ipse


The Smithers Community Radio Society is an incorporated non-profit that manages a locally supported, volunteer operated community radio station. 

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Smithers Community Radio
Train Car - Central Park
PO box 834, Smithers B.C. V0J 2N0