the more obscure side of psychedelia, folk and focused attention on local performers

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Cat 2
  • Tuesday 2:30-4pm
  • Saturday 7:30-9am
  • Featuring Los Gringos Salvajes and Steve Pigeon (Whitehorse)....later cumulo-nimbus dreaming and loud surprisssses...

  • From The Rock, The Cormiers.....Part 2 Songwriting....finally YES, the best!!!!!!

  • George Stokes' songs from "Where I Come From", then...Keith's songwriting tips and talk.

  • Episode #10!! Mark Perry, over the years....then acid music, the sweetest flashbacks, trails and rushes....

  • The Spring Show....cast ye to this good Earth the seed from fairest blossom.

  • Mother's Day Celebration! Yeah Mom's!!!!!

  • Theresa Michelle Mohr new EP release Special!!! Then dancing back to the seventies......



  • 4/20 Extravaganza! Tune in, turn on, drop out.

  • celebrating upcoming Earth Day....cheer and good wishes for a tattered, battered, tired old girl.....

  • Ms. Van Zanten, Mr. Lapp, Cohen and Chopin....what else could one ask for?

  • local jazzers, folksters, and then smooth singing ladies, Nico to Nana Mouskouri, it's like velvet ...

  • featuring Theresa Pasaluko's tastey cd "Sound of Town", and the usual mind-numbing, body envigourating fair of psyche

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