Artist Title Album Label
TR/ST Robrash TR/ST EP
John Baron Easy Tiger Happy Medium
Jackson Ramsey Chaperone Tropical Drone
Hot Garbage Look at my phone Precious Dream
Freebie Lights Part
Ekkstacy i don't have one of those ekkstacy
John Baron How to party Happy Medium
PACKS 89 days melt the honey
Couridors Mourir Demain Mimi
Callum Gaudet Keep your chin up handsome Ghosts
PACKS Missy Melt the honey
John Baron Hymn 3 Happy Medium
Freebie Sent Part
Hot Garbage Lowering Precious Dream
Dermabrasion Goblin Dance Pain Behaviour
Hot Garbage Blue Cat Part
Dermabrasion In the time of Queens Pain Behaviour
Jackson Ramsey Tropical drone Tropical drone
The Lucky ones Since the farm got sold Since the farm got sold
Spencer Burton Coyote North Wind
PACKS Honey melt the honey
Vera Sola Bad Idea Peacemaker
Lori Yates Matador Matador
Jordy Walker your a wild animal gifted by fiction
John Baron The Photographer Happy Medium
Kate Von Heart Of Course That Isn’t You And Me (Part I)
Eastborough Tommy T single
PACKS Her Garden melt the honey
Callum Gaudet Ghosts Ghosts

fresh tunes from Hot Garbage, Jackson Ramsey, Packs, Ekkstacy and more.


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