Artist Title Album Label
Ghost Twin We Are The Damned Love Songs for End Times
Ghost Twin Babes in the Woods Love Songs for End Times
@adriennemareebrown To All Those Haters I Dig Clips
UWUW Scattered Ashes Self Titled
UWUW Staircase to the end of the night Self Titled
UWUW Landlord Self Titled
UWUW Box Office Poison Self Titled
Meals_by_cug Take Care Brush Ya Hair I Dig Clips
Status Non Status Travelogue Surely Travel
Status Non Status Surely Travel Surely Travel
Status Non Status North Adelaide Surely Travel
Michaela Coel Love Poem I Dig Clips
GODFREE Gaslightin' LP1
Bibi Club Bellini Le Soleil et lat mer
Bibi Club La Nuit Le Soleil et lat mer
Bibi Club Femme Lady Le Soleil et lat mer
@adriennemareebrown Snail Time I Dig Clips
Melody's Echo Chamber Percheuse de Lune Unfold
Melody's Echo Chamber Ocean Road Unfold
@fuckitimarobot Taste The Biscuit I Dig Clips
Fake Palms Satellite Lemons
Fake Palms Visions Lemons
Fake Palms Drain Lemons
Sam Jr World Bangin' on my door Sam Jr
Sam Jr Dippp Sam Jr
Sam Jr You Lock the Door I broke the Windows Sam Jr

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