Artist Title Album Label
Eli Larsen Intro to the episode
Eli Larsen an introduction to green burials
Madeline Christie and Sita Then A brief history of burials practices in North America, and on why green burials matter
Boniface I will not return as a tourist
Eli Larsen PSA for Smithers: a great place to live
Noam Chomsky PSA for Community Radio
Eli Larsen PSA for great local food
Eli Larsen Middle segue
Madeline Christie and Sita Then How tos for our very own green burials
Avette Brothers No Hard Feelings
Eli Larsen How will you complete your journey?

The beginner's guide to the end, with Madeline Christie and ex-Smithereen Sita Then. Maddie and Sita, along with Cathy Valentine, recently offered a workshop called A Beginner’s Guide to Green Burials. I attended and was blown away. Green burials are the bomb!

Has this made you curious about green burials? Contact your local town council and funeral parlour to let them know.

For more information on Green Burials check out Community Death Care Canada; End of Life Doula Association of Canada;;

To lobby for alkaline hydrolysis in your community visit and search for bringalkalinehydrolysistobc.




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