Artist Title Album Label
Eli Larsen Intro to the episode
Eli Larsen Handcrafts like knitting and crochet are more than just a pastime
Ursula Yeker of The Wooly Ewe On the benefits of working with wool. In a yurt. With friends!
Shane Ivers PSA for Smithers: a great place to live
Noam Chomsky PSA for community radio
Eli Larsen segue into the second half
Carolyn Barnett On using a bicycle to achieve the best results with felt!
Eli Larsen What will you make with your hands today?

The Warm and Fuzzies, with Ursula Yeker of The Wooly Ewe and Carolyn Barnett of Barnett Knitts.

There’s something deeply satisfying about hand crafts like knitting and crochet, and needle felting. But when you think about it, there are endless benefits in the process of making something from scratch. On the back roads of Telkwa, BC there sits a yurt that’s home to the pinnacle of knitter’s paradises, called The Wooly Ewe. The owner’s name is Ursula Yeker. In the first half, Ursula and I are going to unravel those benefits I mentioned. Then, a conversation I recorded in 2015 with Carolyn Barnett, a knitter and felt crafter in Ontario who uses her bicycle to accomplish part of the felting process.


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