Submitted on: Aug Mon 27

What is so great about energy healing you ask? I will tell you. You can do it for yourself at anytime. It is quick, easy and immediate. It is profound. It creates powerful reactions. It takes away pain. It lowers body temperature. It makes you sleep better. It clears your lymph system. It sorts and smooths out things that are off kilter, because it rebalances your energy.


If you come to me for an energy treatment and we clear some negative emotions, plus I rebalance all your chakras and clear your energy field, I guarantee you are going to go out feeling a lot better. Once you feel better, everything works better for you and you are at a higher vibration than when you came in.


Occasionally, someone might feel worse. That happens sometimes if the issue is complex. Something has to be brought to to the surface before it can release. Once, a boil came up after a treatment. With energy healing, if you are smart, you might as well realize it is for life, since you are an energy being in an energy universe. The more you take control of your own health, the better you will feel. No one else can do it for you. 


I like teaching people how to do energy healing on themselves. Once you know how to rebalance your energy system, you are set for life, if you keep doing it. If you do, you will automatically learn other, obvious ways of working with energy to create healing. It is a gift we give to ourselves and it pays us back in myriad ways.


We feel more balanced physically, emotionally and spiritually. We sleep better. We think more clearly. We are calmer, more peaceful and more relaxed.

It takes away pain. It is fun and I believe, the most creative thing we can do, because we don’t need paints or pens or paper, we just need our mind and our hands.


It is simple to learn. It is also fun to work with other healing agents, too, like medicine plants, essential oils, singing bowls, Bach flower remedies, colour and sound healing. Easy, all of them, & wonderfully healing.


When you take responsibility for your own health, you have no end of power to work with, once you get the hang of it. Most of the issue is in believing that we can actually be that powerful.


The answer is yes, we have as much power as we can imagine and use. We just haven’t learned that yet, nor do we believe we can have it, but we can.





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