Submitted on: Apr Mon 23

I have been listening to a series of 5 to 8 minute recordings of singing bowls that were created with the idea in mind of healing a lot of different negative emotional states. Negative emotion is a low vibration, and that makes us feel bad. All illness is a low vibration. Death is the lowest, but is still a vibration. Vibration never stops, but death occurs at a low, slow vibration. Illness is above death but low, and bad feelings are above illness in the body, but they eventually lead to the body manifesting sickness if no changes are made. One can't feel emotionally unhappy 24/7 without physical manifestations of that negativity. You can hide your thoughts from yourself or others, but you can't hide them from your body. As author and healer Deb Shapiro said, "Your Body Speaks Your Mind".  




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