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"The discovery that our thoughts can change the structure and function of our brains-even into old age-is the most important breakthrough in neuroscience in four centuries." So says the New York Times review of author, psychiatrist and psychoanalyst, Dr. Norman Doidge's book, "The Brain That Changes Itself". Out of 400,000 books on the brain, it was chosen as number 1.

On the Shaman's Fire, we have been listening to Dr. Doidge's audio book called "The Brain's Way of Healing." It is fascinating to hear of people with so many diverse brain injuries, illnesses and conditions, that were often greatly improved by creating new neuro pathways to the brain.

Not trying to repair the old pathway, but making a new pathway. It creates a very quick healing at times.

When one thinks of illness, another way to think about it is that it is simply energy out of balance. If you are really, really, sick, then your energy system is really, really out of balance. Put it back in balance and everything instantly gets better. Energy must flow and when it is blocked, it creates illness.

There are many different ways to heal energy imbalances. At first you have to take it on faith-fake it til you make it-then you start feeling it and seeing it and it becomes much more real. Energy healing takes practice. But since everything is energy, and positive energy makes you feel good and heal and negative energy makes you feel bad and get sick, we always have a guide to go by.

What works every single time is to take the positive route. Choose positive over the negative no matter what is going on. Not only do you and those around you get happier, but you also create healing. 





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