Roots Music - "Refers to several styles or trends in music including: Folk, Country, Bluegrass, Americana, Rockabilly, Western Swing, and Traditional".  Join host, Greg Auld, on Monday mornings to start your week off with a variety of music, new and old.

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  • It's winter in the valley.  Start your week out right with a prescription to the Roots.

  • November blahs, let's sing 'em away.  These are the roots...

  • Happy Hallowe'en everybody.  Here's some spooky for your pooky!  These are the roots...

  • Happy Thanksgiving all.  I'm thankful to be living in the best place on the planet, surrounded by the best people on

  • Fall is in the air.  The leaves are turning gold, the ruffies are on the run, and it's almost dipped to 0 last night.

  • It's Monday, July 18, 2016.  The birds are chirping, the sun is shining, and these are the roots.

  • It's mid summer in the valley and I'm grateful to live in such a paradise!  We're biking, we're swimming, we're kayak

  • It's May 23, 2016 and summer has come to the valley.  Beat the heat, stay cool with the Roots.

  • It's Monday, April 25, 2016.  The birds are chirping and the promise of summer is in the air.  These are the roots...

  • Spring is here, the snow is gone, and rebirth is here!  These are the roots...

  • It's Easter Monday and I'm delighted to have special guest, Julie Saunders in the studio!  March 28, 2016 and these a

  • It only happes once every four years, Feb 29, 2016 and these are the roots...

  • Welcome to February, 2016.  It's snowing.  These are the roots.

  • I want more snow!  Jan 18, 2016 and these are the roots.

  • The Bulkley valley is my favourite valley ever.  It's Jan 11, 2016 and these are the roots...

  • Happy new year all you wonderful CICK listeners.  Coming at you in 2016, these are the roots...

  • It's dark and icy.  Stay inside because these are the roots...

  • Nov 9, 2015 and these are the roots...

  • It's Monday, November 2.  I'm very excited to announce that Cousin Harley (Paul Pigat) has just released a new album!

  • Fall is here and happy Thanksgiving to all!  Cassidy Marshal joins me for good times and great tunes in the railcar. 

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