Roots Music - "Refers to several styles or trends in music including: Folk, Country, Bluegrass, Americana, Rockabilly, Western Swing, and Traditional".  Join host, Greg Auld, on Monday mornings to start your week off with a variety of music, new and old.

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  • It's April 19, 2018 and today I'll be celebrating the movers of goods across our vast country.

  • For one days and one day only! Winter is back in the Bulkley Valley! Expect 15 to 20 cm of glorious snow!

  • New time and day for The Roots! Now switching to Thursdays from 9am to 11am! Same great content.

  • It's warming up and there's lots of new albums boarding our little rail car.

  • Brrrrrrr. -30 in the Valley this morning. Brrrrrrrrr. It's Feb 19, 2018 and these are the roots.

  • It's Jan 29, 2018 and my 2018 vacation opus. Hope you enjoy the music, these are the roots.

  • It's Jan 22, 2018 and I've got a special show dedicated to the wanderers, the travellers, and the vagabonds.

  • It's Monday, January 15, 2018 and I'm enjoying delicious coffee and good music to ease into the week.

  • Well, it's been a bit of a hiatus for me but I'm back and welcome to 2018.

  • Happy Hallowe'en everyone! I'm pleased to bring you all a special Hallowe'en episode to raise your "spirits".

  • Fall is here!

  • Thank you so much to my dedicated listeners and any feedback that I receive.

  • It's been a 'hell' of a summer so far. Taking the good with the bad and maintaining perspective.

  • It's Monday, April 24, 2017 and these are the roots...

  • It's April 17, 2017 and spring has officially arrived in the valley.  I think I'll celebrate with some great music.

  • March 27, 2017 and it's winter's last gasp, so, without further ado, these are the roots...

  • Winter ain't over yet.  It's Feb 27, 2017 and I'm going to the pool to practice my roll tonight.  These are the roots

  • Feb 20, 2017, it's Julie's birthday!  Today's episode is dedicated to her.  I hope you enjoy it cuz these are the roo

  • It's the Jan 30, 2017 all cover extravaganza edition of the Roots.  Hold on to your hat!

  • Happy New Year to everyone!  I'm going to knock out a few shows while I'm in town.  Hope you enjoy the music.  These

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