Live and recorded interviews that are informative and community focussed.  Variety of music to appeal to community audience.

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  • Tuesday 11am-12pm
  • Friday 8-9am
  • Todays show will be a full Gospel music,in these times we surely need uplifting melodies.

  • On todays show i will bring to my listeners Luke Bryan,John Denver,Clint Black,John Fogerty,The Desperates,

  • On todays show i will be playing many songs by Dwight Yoakam,my daughter has always loved his music.Since her Birthda

  • On todays show i will bring you.Logue,McCool,Eddie Groves,Johny Hortin,The Highway men,

  • Today i am playing some good country music.

  • Todays show is a dedication to a family who has lost much recently.Sending my prayers and thoughts to each of you.I d

  • On todays show i will be playing many country artists.I do hope you enjoy the [VARIETY],which i call the


  • For today i choose to play many instrumentals,people are not able to go out dancing,i chose some good dancing music,p

  • On todays show i will be playing country music,my listeners do love country music.

  • Todays show will be a Childrens show.I have many little ones listening,so i do try and play music for them when possi

  • On todays show i will be playing many Canadian songs of ,Stompin Tom Connors,will be heard  this morning.A request fr

  • On todays show i will be playing some cool tunes.

    These are the artists that i chose for today.

  • Todays show i have chosen Gospel music,it has been a while since i did that.

  • A great show this week,many groovy tunes to appeal to my listeners.I do hope you enjoy.

  • On todays show the list is from some good  friends of mine.L.D. and D.W.

  • For todays show i have decided to play a few songs by Boxcar Willie,Niamh Lynn,Heather Myles,

  • On todays show i will be playing many duets by different artists,someone put a bug in my hear,so this is how it goes.

  • On todays show i will play a Birthday song for my youngest son David.Then i will play John Denver ffor someone at the

  • Todays show is all about Easter,The Saviour,His love for each of us.His Sacrifice.The love He has for everyone.

  • On todays show i will be bringing to my listeners.

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