Live and recorded interviews that are informative and community focussed.  Variety of music to appeal to community audience.

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Cat 2
  • Tuesday 11am-12pm
  • Friday 8-9am
  • On todays show i will be playing

  • A wonderful show i have put together for the month of March,so exciting to be playing very good tunes.

  • On todays show i will play tribute to Carman,a Gospel singer who has died  a week back.


    Will play on February 14th at 4pm, also it will play Tuesday

  • Todays show is a Children's Show.

  • Today i will be playing a Birthday melody for my first born.He lives in a diferent province.I miss him a lot.

  • On todays show i will be bringing some music from the following artists.

  • On todays show i will be playing Jesse Cook,Nana Mouskouri,Guitarra Azul,Jenifer Rush,Bret Kissel,The Kingston Trio,T

  • My second show of 2021,How times is passing by as i stare out the window,watching the snowflakes,people walking by,tr

  • What a year 2020 has been,covid hit,pandemic all over the world.I have played many Gospel/Christian shows.Trying to b

  • Last show for 2020,This year has been so different then all the years i ever remember.I am so thankfull for being abl

  • This show will play on the 22nd of December also play on Christmas morning at 8am.I do hope many families will listen

  • Todays show it will be a Children's Christmas show.


  • Todays show is a Country Christmas show.A unique play of tunes that we may not hear that much.

  • On todays show i will be playing some,Calum Scott, Lauren Daigle,Yancy,Vince Gill,Corey Hart,Anne Murray,Eva Cassidy,

  • Time again to bring some music for all my listeners.On todays show i will play many good tunes,some requests,some goo

  • Todays show will have some Canadian content,a great time to play many tunes that are awesome.Roger Whittaker,George J

  • For today i am doing a kids gospel show,i have never done that in all four years.High time for this to happen.One son

  • I have had many requests of Gospel music,so i am making it happen,i do appreciate all who send me messages,You all ar

  • This show will have a few requests by a good friend.It has been a while since i played full gospel/christian music.A

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