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Cat 2
  • Friday 8-9pm
  • NEW from Drezus, Special Friend, Ty Segal, Jane Inc, Century Egg, and MORE

  • New from Snapped Ankles, Body Breaks, Folly Group, Darkside, Couch Slut, King Khan, Backxwash, Parcels, FACS, and MOR

  • New from Dumb, Shearing Pinx, Cedence Weapon, Lab Coast, Tough Age, Chai, Drahla, Nov3L, Squid, Squid, and MORE

  • New music from Black Midi, OOIOO, Spirit of the Beehive, Bernice, and MORE! 

  • NEW from Godspeed, The Pink Noise, Fly Pan Am, OK Vancouver OK, Dry Cleaning, Fake Fruit, Bill Orcutt, Pom Poko andf

  • Reissue Of StereoLab's Electrically Possessed 



  • New MOOOSIC from OK VAN OK, Elena Ferrante, M Caye Castagnetto, Lake, Future Star and MORE MORE MORE

  • New from New Fries, Fountain, Kiwi Jr, The Notwist, Body Lens, Luge and MORE! 

  • New from Matmos, Autechre, Have a Nice Life, Xui Xui, Jockstrap, The Soft Pink Truth, 

  • New From Lee Paradise, Metz, Efrim Emaual Manuck,Faten Kanaan, Frank Bretschneider, and MORE

  • New from Dig Nitty, Global Charming, Strum and Thrum, Cool Greenhouse, Shame, Knot, Moor Mothers, Bad Hoo, and oooh s

  • New From Oneohtrix Point Never, Optic Sink, Deerhoof, Doomswayers, Faten Kannan, Marie Davidson, Osees, Jennifer Cast

  • New from Women (!!), Crack Cloud, Freak Heat Waves, Protomaytr, Ora Cogan and more more more!

  • New from Holy Fuck, Snotty Nose Rez Kids, Cindy Lee, Apollo Ghosts and MORE

  • New from JOYFULTALK, Cindy Lee, Dan Deacon, Kimmortal, Crack Cloud, No Museums and MORE! 

  • New, new new new from Jay Arner, Fountain, Apollo Ghosts, Dabn Deacon, Whoop-Szo, Of Montreal and MORE!!!

  • New from MoonDog, Crom/Dam, Prissy Whip, Victime, Rong, Luge, Nov3L, Rong,  Crack Cloud, Loscil and more! 

  • New from Bradford Cox and Cate Le Bon, Sunny and the Sunsets, Flore Laurentine, Bobby Tenderloin and more!

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The Smithers Community Radio Society is an incorporated non-profit that manages a locally supported, volunteer operated community radio station. 

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