Artist Title Album Label
Kevin MacLeod; Sergio's Magic Dustbin Intro to the episode
Kevin MacLeod; Lord of the Rangs Why it matters that you read together
Christine, Thom and Lawson Bruce Reading parts of Pugtato Finds a Thing
Thom and Christine Bruce On the benefits of reading, from a grandmother's, a son's and a father's perspective
Kevin MacLeod; Sergio's Magic Dustbin Visit Mountain Eagle Books, one of our sponsors. You might even find Pugtato, who finds a thing, which would be neat
Kevin MacLeod Farting Around (because we all need reminders of what it means to be human, right?)
Kevin MacLeod; Club Seamus Word of the Day: befuddled
Kevin MacLeod; Magic Scout No, really? Why does it matter that we read together?
Mike Scott How Long Will I Love You?
Christiine Bruce How to know if you're looking at a boy woodpecker or a girl woodpecker
My crushes, Ted and Skip Activity time! What it sounds like when good friends put their heads together over crafts
Randy Newman You've Got a Friend in Me
Kevin MacLeod; Sergio's Magic Dustbin Get a book and curl up with a grandchild or a young friend. Or, an old friend. Or a new friend!

Welcome to the premiere of Tungsten: bulletproof hacks for the moth-eaten.

I’m at my most grandmotherly today because I want in our first visit to introduce you to the inspiration for this new show. My grandson Lawson lives in Ontario while I live in BC. In between, there’s this invisible but vigorous cord that binds us together. Lawson and I always feel a little more bulletproof when we read together, because kids have natural tungsten. Here in Smithers, I babysit a couple of guys I consider my crushes, and we're going to do an activity together, too. Lots of kids on the first episode and that makes me feel better, because for one thing, kids love mischief.

Let’s go get into some mischief together...


Today's book is Pugtato Finds a Thing, by Sophie Corrigan; you can also get the activity material (for free!) by Googling Pugtato Finds a Thing Activity Kit. Hooray!



"Club Seamus", "Farting Around", "Glitter Blast", "Lord of the Rangs", "Magic Scout", "Sergio's Magic Dustbin"
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