Artist Title Album Label
Deterioration Doomsday Device Suck Brick
Methwitch Invoking Clauneck INDWELL
Cloud Rat Aluminum Branches Threshold
Self Deconstruction Waiting Room / Fools Gold (Live)
Unrest Anything to Shock Grindcore
Vermin Womb Gamnique (Cold World) Retaliation
Pig Destroyer Trojan Wh*re Prowler in the Yard
Insect Warfare Manipulator World Extermination
Wake Pareidolia Thought Form Descent
Repulsion The Stench of Burning Death Horrified
Rotten Sound Digital Bliss Apocalypse
Knoll Tether and Swine Metempiric
Internal Rot Transmission Grieving Birth
Wormrot Behind Closed Doors Hiss
Jamie Lee Curtis Alestrom Sucks and so do Their Fans Insidious Iconoclast
Scoured Sliced Throat Scoured
Chop Chop Chop Chop Chop Chop Chop Disgusting Pigs We Live as Ghosts
Anabaptists Holy Self Castration Anabaptists
Hate Crusade Eviscerate the Papacy Make Grind Political Again
ROTWL Bred To Kill Make Grind Political Again
CuteWhenDead Total Abuse
Mucus Muncher Pus filled dental abscess Make Grind Political Again
ED-209 The real bottom feeder Make Grind Political Again
Hyperthyroidism Behead Your Local Transphobe Make Grind Political Again
Hacksaw Homicide At What Cost Make Grind Political Again
Bottled Violence Thank God It Don't Got That In It Make Grind Political Again
Pestilence 27 Octave 5 Make Grind Political Again
Fatal Ingestion The Sound of Dismemberment Make Grind Political Again
Containment Track 02 Make Grind Political Again
X8XGATESX Fight Kage Make Grind Political Again

Episode 15 of Syrup Moose Radio - MIXTAPE 8

A tremendous amount of music for you to enjoy WITH A TWIST. This mixtape is absolutely STUFFED TO THE BRIM with grindcore. Put your seatbelts on folks, this is going to be fast. 

This tape features the entiriety of the compilation "Make Grind Political Again" and you can grab that over on Bandcamp at:


For more: 


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