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Elijah Larsen intro to the episode
Elijah Larsen Dave Connell and the BC Assn of Farmers' Markets
Christine Bruce a reintroduction to Dave Connell
Dr David Connell more on the types of surveys collected
Noam Chomsky PSA for community radio
Elijah Larsen Segue into the second half
Dave Connell So, what are we learning about farmers' markets in BC, and why this matters to Dave (and should matter to everyone)
Christine Bruce an introduction to Kate Poirier
Kate Poirier, Project Coordinator for the 2023 BC Farmers’ Market Economic Benefits Study Asking some of the same questions demonstrates a passion for local food and farmers' markets
Elijah Larsen Buy local. Eat local. Support local!

The Knittedness of Community, part two, with Dr David Connell and Kate Poirier

In my summer job as the Northern Research Associate on behalf of the BC Association of Farmers’ Markets I surveyed people in northern BC about their market experiences. This job also introduced me to several people behind this important survey work. Last week, I talked to Dr Dave Connell, a professor at UNBC and the brains behind these excellent surveys. Dave is returning to the Cookie jar this week for more on how these surveys were conducted, and then I’ll introduce you to Kate Poirier, the Project Coordinator for our 2023 BC Farmers’ Market Economic Benefits Study. Her insights into the project were a lot of fun, letting us both relive a pretty fun summer gig.

Join us again next week as Kate and I go into more detail on her current role in Communications on behalf the BC Association of Farmers' Markets.



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