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Eli Larsen Intro to the episode
Eli Larsen What is an onychectomy, and just how egregious are we talking?
Christine Bruce Content warning
Dr Jennifer Conrad Jenny Conrad introduces us to the invaluable work on the Paw Project, educating veterinarians, politicians and cat owners around the world on the realities of cat declawing.
Eli Larsen PSA for great local food
Noam Chomsky PSA for Community Radio
Eli Larsen segue into the second half
Dr Jennifer Conrad How Canadian provinces and cities are lobbying for legislation against onychectomies, thanks to the efforts of people like Jenny Conrad
Garrison Keillor The In and Out Song
Eli Larsen Time to go play with your cat’s toe beans

Let me introduce you to Dr Jennifer Conrad, a veterinarian, and founder and director of the Paw Project. Based in Santa Monica, California, The Paw Project is doing outstanding work across North America, lobbying and educating people on just how awful an onychectomy can be.

If you’ve ever met a cat, you’ll know they have an innate need to scratch: trees, furniture, carpets, lots of things, and they do this to stretch, to condition their claws, and to mark their territory. Cats’ claws are an important part of who they are. Unfortunately, not everyone appreciates the importance of claws to cats, and declawing has become a common practice. 

Cats of the world rejoice! Through new scientific evidence and changing attitudes, lots of cities everywhere are banning this practice. It means cats can go back to being cats, thanks to the good work of organizations like The Paw Project.


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