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Fesliyan Studios This is the final part of a three-part series on homelessness
Eli Larsen An introduction to the Humanity Project, and Charlie Burrell
Eli Larsen How do we end homelessness? I believe Charlie Burrell has the answer
Charlie Burrell How the Humanity Project started, and how the community is pitching in
Laurie LeBlanc When It's Right, It's Right
Chris Colepaugh Some Time Away
Noam Chomsky PSA for Community Radio
Eli Larsen PSA for Great Food in Smithers
Eli Larsen PSA for a Great Place to Live
Eli Larsen segue into the second half
Charlie Burrell What the Project offers the vulnerable population in Moncton, including food and shelter, but more importantly, dignity
Les Hay Babies La Bear Song
Neon Dreams High School Dropout
Jonathan Davies Les Voitures La lumière entre par en dedans
Eli Larsen How will you offer dignity to someone living precariously?

No Exits, part 3a A book bag and a pair of socks. That’s how it started for Charlie Burrell, in Moncton NB. Charlie noticed an increase in the number of hungry and homeless in his town, and he began feeding them in a parking lot. Today, his organization The Humanity Project offers food and shelter, with an eye to also providing help for addictions and mental health supports in future. And its all done through community donations. 


A few weeks back, I said I had a 3-part series on homelessness. If you’ve been listening to the Cookie Jar, you’ll have heard part one in July with Alex Nelson, PhD candidate in the Sociocultural Anthropology Department at Western University, who talked about who the homeless are and some of the myths surrounding them. Cathy Crowe, long-time Street Nurse who works in the area of social justice nursing, joined me in part two to discuss the horrific evictions in Trinity-Bellwoods Park this summer. And now, Charlie Burrell and I finally had a chance to speak. It was worth the wait. 

There are thousands of people everywhere who, like me, are wondering what it would take to end homelessness. We’d need the right leader, for one thing. Someone charismatic with sensible, but also whimsical ideas, and a will to see them through. Someone who doesn’t care what people think of him, whose focus is entirely on doing the right thing. I’ve met that person in Charlie Burrell. 


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