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Elaine Power Convincing politicians to adopt a basic income guarantee
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Sophie from the No Way to Live project (produced by Elaine Power and Craig Berggold)
Eli Larsen Extro to the episode

Elaine Power joins me for part two of Building Trust in Your Community.

Elaine is a co-founder of the Kingston Action Group for a Basic Income Guarantee. Last week, we discussed the premise of a basic income for all vulnerable Canadians, pointing specifically to a past Manitoba study called Mincome and a more recent Ontario project, as well as referring to Elaine Power and Jamie Swift’s recently published book, The Case for Basic Income: Freedom, Security, Justice.

This week, the current Canadian social and political climate and how a basic income might be implemented. And how’s this for questioning another fundamental assumption: did you received the CERB last year? If yes, how did it change your life?


Elaine is on Facebook at and on Twitter at @ElainePower6. For more information on Elaine, visit

You can purchase her book at The Case for Basic Income: Freedom, Security, Justice

To get involved with the Basic Income movement, visit any of the following sites: 


The Ontario Basic Income Network at

Coalition Canada - basic income at


And finally, if you believe a basic income should be part of the Canadian policy landscape, contact your MP or your MPP and tell them so!



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