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Elijah Larsen Intro to the episode
Elijah Larsen Basic Income alleviates poverty while Common Wealth suggests ways to share and preserve our natural riches
Floyd Marinescu of UBI Works and Common Wealth UBI Works: advocating for a universal basic income
Noam Chomsky PSA for community radio
Elijah Larsen segue into the second half
Floyd Marinescu Common Wealth: Offering ways to eliminate personal income taxes while preserving the environment
John Rose Lake Erie Kent County
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For the Common Good, with Floyd Marinescu

We all have an equal stake in our country, but we aren’t all getting an equal share in its riches. This is the thinking from a new Canadian think tank, which is offering suggestions for how to bring equity back to the average citizen’s wallet. Floyd Marinescu of UBI Works and now an initiative called Common Wealth is here to explain how everyone can have a cookie.


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