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Elijah Larsen Intro to the episode
Elijah Larsen Clay and Paper Theatre, in Toronto, Ontario is celebrating 28 years—verging on 29 this May—as a catalyst for change, through what it describes as insurgent puppetry
Christine Bruce Going off topic for a few minutes to get to the meat of the matter.
David Anderson and Tamara Romanchuk What Clay and Paper Theatre does for society, and the meandering path David and Tamara took to get there
Noam Chomsky PSA for community radio
Elijah Larsen Segue into the second half
David Anderson and Tamara Romanchuk Night of Dread helps us face our fears together
Elijah Larsen We laugh at fear, we laugh at death. And we’ll laugh at you with our very last breath.

Raging Grannies and Grandads, episode one, with David Anderson, Founder and Co-Artistic Director and Tamara Romanchuk, Co-Artistic Director of Clay and Paper Theatre

Clay and Paper Theatre is a performance art theatre company that produces plays, pageants, parades and spectacles with and for the community. Based in Dufferin Grove Park in Toronto Ontario, their artistic spectacles carry timely messages that delight audiences of all ages. David Anderson, and Tamara Romanchuk, Co-Artistic Directors of Clay and Paper Theatre are bringing Puppets back in the Cookie Jar: recess everyone!


The Smithers Community Radio Society is an incorporated non-profit that manages a locally supported, volunteer operated community radio station. 

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