Artist Title Album Label
Elijah Larsen Intro to the episode
Elijah Larsen Bike-packing: the act of riding a bicycle for days, weeks, months, or even years
JJ Neff and Cheryl Webhofer Long-distance bicycle touring and Warm Showers
Steve Heighton The Nightingale Wont Let You Sleep The Devil's Share
Shane Ivers PSA for local adventure
Elijah Larsen Segue into the second half
JJ Neff and Cheryl Webhofer More BC bike stories
Evalyn Parry She Rides SPIN
Elijah Larsen The road is never lonely when you're on a bicycle

Bicycle Touring in BC and Beyond, with John Neff and Chery Webhofer

The Yellowhead Highway, between Prince Rupert, BC and Jasper AB, is spectacularly beautiful with one of the most rugged Canadian terrains you’ll see. Mountains and rivers, thick forests and a ridiculous variety of wildlife. It’s quite a stunning place to be, and if you’re into bicycle touring, it’s a remarkable route to take. Most touring cyclists who take this route will have stayed at the Rainbow Trailer Park, possibly attracted by the sign, Bicycles welcome. The owner of the Rainbow Trailer Park, John Neff, and his partner Cheryl Webhofer, are joining me on The Cookie Jar to swap long-distance bike stories.


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