Artist Title Album Label
Eli Larsen Intro to the episode
Eli Larsen How helmet hysteria is making us question the wonders of a bicycle
Sue Knaup Bicycle helmet promotions, and how they aren't encouraging anyone to get on a bike
John Rose Lake Erie Kent County
Twisterium PSA for local food and eateries
Eli Larsen segue into the second half
Sue Knaup A safety quiz that demonstrates just where bikes fit in the hierarchy of safe activities
Eli Larsen Where will you ride your bike today?

Sue Knaup of the non-profit organization One Street is back!

Think bicycles are inherently unsafe? That everyone who rides a bicycle should wear a helmet? Well, that’s eactly the thinking that compulsory helmet laws inspire, but it’s a shameful myth. Shock-horror bicycle helmet promotions have provoked a lot of anxiety around the thought of getting on a bike. And yet, you’re far more likely to suffer a serious head injury while driving a car. So, why don’t we suggest that you wear helmet while driving?

Sue Knaup will share why forcing people to wear a helmet while on a bicycle is a red herring. Because, cycling is fun, a great way to get around, an economic and environmentally sound alternative to cars, and safe by its very nature. 


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