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Yesterday the Town of Smithers announced that they will be embarking on a $7.5 million project to upgrade the current wastewater treatment plant.

Over $3,000,000 will be offered by the federal government through the Federal Green Infrastructure Stream of Investing in Canada infrastructure programme, also known as the ICIP. As well, the provincial government will be contributing an additional $2.5 million with the Town of Smithers making up the remaining $2,000,000 for the necessary upgrades of the facility.

Our reporter Pam Hassen was on the scene to speak with members of the facilities operations staff and Mayor Gladys Atrill.

But first:

As warmer temperatures melt the remaining snow, more than 80 per cent of BC is still under a drought warning. At the same time were seeing an early start to the wildfire season with crews already monitoring and in some cases battling holdover fires from 2023. As BC’s Wildfire Service works to get crews and resources into place, we check in with the Northwest Fire Centre's information officer Morgan Blois to get an update as to how preparations are going and what communities could expect in the coming weeks and months.


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