Submitted on: Mar Wed 22

This week on River Reads, we focus on the short story collection,“A Gallery of Children," by A. A. Milne, first published in 1925. In a new section called, River Rambles, Wilde ponders what is the point? And where are we going? regarding this weeks collection of stories. A collection, that often seems to leave the reading wanting more. Or at the very least, left grasping to find what is the point the author is trying to make. 

Submitted on: Mar Mon 13

This week (March 18th, 2023 @ 10am) is Episode 4 of River Reads, we focus on Numbers in Fairy tales. That is, any stories that have a number in their title. In particular, the Grimm's Fairy Tales: 1)The Three Children of Fortune; 2) The Twelve Brothers; 3) The Wolf and the Seven Goats; and 4) The Four Accomplished Bothers.

Submitted on: Mar Tue 07

This week (Saturday, March 11th @ 10am, ) LISTENERS BEWARE on River Reads, as we cover some darker tales and play around with narration.

Reading the longer macabre fairy tale, The Bronze Ring, this tale's disturbing and graffic depictions give it a River Reads' Rating of GGD; for Gross Gore and/or Death. Our favorite kind of story!

Tara Nicholson
Submitted on: Feb Thu 02

Eco-Zombies intersplices music with interviews from community leaders, scientists, artists, local knowledge holders, writers and activists who are producing change within the time of Earth’s sixth mass extinction.

13 Nov

Space Train Podcast: The Show Show

How did the Space Train event series come to be? Why were some shows so close together? Who were these bands?


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