Submitted on: May Fri 03

This week on River Reads, Episode 26 - Smoke and Mirrors Deceive Thee, will be featuring a longer tale, The White Cat,  from collection, "the Blue fairy book”,  by Andrew Lang. As well as a shorter tale,  The Turnip, by the Brothers Grimm’s.

What was our Gender Blender tale this week? Stay tuned to  the end, for reveal!

River Reads is not a kids show but not not a kids show. Listener discretion advised.

Submitted on: Apr Fri 26

Podcast Call for Submission: Share your memories of Joe Sullivan for a 25-minute+ podcast honoring his legacy in Northern Wrestling. Submit audio/video clips of answers to four questions. See form link below, OR Contact River at riverwildechild@gmail.com. Thank you!

SUBMIT BY: Friday, MAY 3rd, 2024

Share stories, recordings, or written memories highlighting Joe's impactful life. Thank you.

Submitted on: Apr Thu 18

This week, Episode 25,  Creatures of Small, and as a small creature themselves, host, River Wilde,  can attest to the fabulousness of such a small size. Today's tales involve a bunch of small things, from beetles to little men, though all have some pretty big personalities, or one might say, egos. Nothing wrong with that; confidence.

15 Apr
Submitted on: Apr Thu 04

River ReadsEpisode 24 - Transformation,  is all about, you guessed it, transformations. Specifically, of self, of character, of circumstance, and of fate. Showcasing a selection of stories from the collection, ‘Grimm’s Fairy Tales,'  by Brother’s Grimms.


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