Volunteer hour is an opportunity for people to do what they will for one hour with their own sound engineer doing all the techy stuff.

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  • Sunday 4-5pm
  • Needle Point takes over the Volunteer Hour this week with your host Kimber.



  • GDoubleU in the studio playing some of his fav's

  •                                      HAPPY FATHERS DAY SHOW

  • CICK-ology

    Episode 1

  • Guest hosts: Meghan Brady and Crystal Nelligan try their hand at hosting their very own Volunteer Hour.

  • Volunteer Hour with guest hosts: Rhonda Burnett & Angela Young.

    We discussed conscious medicine.

  • Volunteer Hour: Corwin and Anika's Radio Hour

  • Anneka Rode and Danica Boyce talk about fairy tales, and their impact on modern day society.

  • Anneka Rode introduces herself and spins some ideas for an upcoming show about the foibles of humans.

  • Host River Wilde, Episode 3 of Wilde's World: A to Z, 123, Aspie Me - "What is Autism?"

  • River Wilde hosts "Volunteer Hour“, Episode 2 – History of Autism of Wilde's World: A to Z, 123, Asp

  • River Wilde hosts Volunteer Hour & debut of Wilde's World: A to Z, 123, Aspie Me 

  • Interview with Frank Doyle, ecologist and raptor biologist.

  • An Interview with Nancy Cody, a Vietnam war resister who moved to British Columbia with her husband in the 1970s and

  • This show was about bananas, and the world, and bananas.  training for Crystal.. 

  • kariokee in the studio with Vena

  • Chris and Ryan of the BVFMS take you through the ages of Midsummer with tracks from the past.

  • tony byrnes talks avalanche conditions and weather

  • Jordy hosts May 24 2015 Volunteer Hour on his debut 'With Guillon" show, playing indie rock and talking tech.

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