Random music show with shout outs to your pets. Meow. If you would like to have your pets mentioned on my show, please send an audio clip of yourself saying hi to your pet to smitherspetsounds@gmail.com and I'll play it on the air. Meow


This show is sponsored by Babine Animal Hospital

  • Monday 3-4pm
  • Thursday 5-6pm
  • Top 10 Original Most Sampled Songs Of All Time and Pet shoutouts. 

  • Pets and Computers..

  • Billy Bragg and Geoff Berner back to back to back.

  • Belly dancing to new music including Geoff Berner, Rodney DeCroo and the Karpinka Brothers.

  • Celebrating one root chord songs. Giving shout out to your pets- Smithers Pet Sounds.

  • North Korea Vrs United States- We settle this dispute once and for all, as we get political here on Smithers Pet Soun

  • Clowning around with Smithers Pet Sounds

  • Introducing you and your pets to the Minus 5's "Down With Wilco".

  • Let's shed a tear. It's proven sad songs make you happy. 

  • Cult Babies, Little Richard and the BIG Guitar Sound. 

    and Pork talk. 

  • Let's look at Neutral Milk Hotel's "On Avery Island" and other tidbits

  • Cinco de Mayo 2017- Giving Mexican shout outs to your pets.

  • I press shuffle on my 1st generation ipod that hasn't been updated since 2005- let's see what happens today on Smithe

  • New music reviews in this month of fools. 

  • Going back to the 60s again, with the George Baker Selction and live Stones in true mono.

  • Hayden, Cash, Bonnie and Great Lake Swimmers are lined up on your only pet shout- out show in the north west- Smither

  • We explore themes of espionage, German polka and Frank Zappa on another edition of Smithers Pet Sounds.

  • Giving shout outs to your pets as we listen to one of my all time favourite albums, Lou Reed's Transformer in it's be

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