So there'll be music heavily involved, sometimes, a comon theme will unite these songs, most of the time, they wont mix together so fluidly.......or will they?

Then comes interesting stuff going on in the world, a few tidbits of news in science and poilitics, maybe an interview or three, some thechnical difficulties and jokes.

Program Genre: 
  • Wednesday 8-9pm
  • Saturday 3-4pm
  • Wonderous remixes and originals from around the world, originating in far corners.
    Also, potato facts!

  • Some damn fine (re)mixes of folk music from Argentina to Mexico,

  • Episode 20


  • Post festival music for wierd and cool people

  • Funky funky FUNK!

  • Japanese instrumental funk breaks!

  • Surfs up dudes!
    An hour of instrumental surf rock and tunes for hangin' ten

  • A whoooole bunch of Manu Chao!
    great for the sunshine

  • System Of A Down, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Rage Against The Machine!

  • It starts with Spanish garage rock, it ends with a chill multi culti eclectic electric fandagle

  • Songs for the springtime melt!
    Exposed garbage/dog crap not included

  • The theme is ........ Trumpets!
    because most of the songs have trumpets

  • Some world music, and some music that's...out of this world!

  • Remixes, Local bands in competition, a**hole deer around town and fresh snow

  • Songs for introspection, relaxation, groovin' and moovin'.

  • Get after it bud.

  • Playlist of pow!
    Useful songs for shredding down the hill on skiis or a bike

  • Gettin' sunny and sweet this week!

    Combatting the cold with reggae vibes and acid jazzy feels

  • Episode 3
    Slightly heavier, faster, better, stronge, punchier

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