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Evalyn Parry She Rides
Patrick Johnstone City Councillor in New Westminster; on the new BC fine increase for doorings
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Christine Bruce PSA for Basic Income Guarantee
Noam Chomsky PSA for Community Radio
Eli Larsen PSA for Babine Animal Hospital
Eli Larsen PSA for Nature's Pantry
Evalyn Parry segue into the second half
Patrick Johnstone More on doorings and how we can prevent them
Captain Planet Patty Cake No VISA
P'tit Belliveau Les Bateau Dans la Baie
Kilo Just Checking In Maybe We Could
The Racket King of the Forest
John Mann A Lot to Learn

My guest this week is Patrick Johnstone: we're going to discuss the newly increased BC dooring fine. 

Late last week, the BC government announced a stiff increase in fines for doorings. Doorings are entirely preventable, sometimes lethal and always painful. When I say doorings are preventable, I mean that every road user, as well as those who design our road infrastructure, need to take more responsibility for keeping everyone safe. Wanting to hear how the government came to this decision to increase the fines, and how it’s going to affect BC drivers and cyclists, I contacted Patrick.

Patrick is a New Westminster, BC City Councillor. He’s also an Environmental Geoscientist, and a rabble-rouser of some renown. Rabble-rousers are some of my favourite people.

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